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JN AA-3151 Film Adhesive
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JN AA-3151 Film Adhesive

JN AA-3151 Film Adhesive

v Function

The product is made by a variety of acrylicfunctional monomers with strong polarity; it has high cohesive force withplastic film, aluminum, paper and other base materials, and it also has goodflexibility. The specific molecular structure of film adhesive makes theproduct having excellent cohesion; under the strong effect of peel tack betweenfilm and base material, there is no residue between them, the surface of basematerial has no trace, which is ease to apply. The product is used forapplication on various based materials with removable transfer adhesive, highperformance pressure sensitive adhesive and environmental friendly hot meltadhesive.

v Specifications


White(or bluish)emulsion

Solid content(﹪)






Shelf life5℃~30℃)


v Caution

The product should be storedin a cool place (5 ~ 30 ), avoidfreezing and sun exposure. It is non-dangerous, and it can be transportedaccording to the general chemicals.

v Packing

200 kg 1000 kg plastic drum, or according to customerrequirements.

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