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JN BA-3142 Paper Surface Stiffener
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JN BA-3142 Paper Surface Stiffener
Code: JN BA-3142

JN BA-3142 Paper Surface Stiffener

v Function

The active ingredients of JN BA-3142Paper Surface Stiffener are macromolecule polymers. When used togetherwith surface sizing starchit effectively improves the physicalproperties of paper like stiffness, surface strength, ring crush pressure andso on. It is widely used in filter paper, two-sided offset paper, copy paper,corrugated paper, liner board and other types of paper.

v Specifications


Oyster white or  bluish emulsion

Solid content(﹪)



3.5 5.0


< 3000



Shelf life5℃~30℃)

60 days

v Use

Product diluted with coolwater with the concentration of 0.5% of the solution was added to surfacesizing starch liquid. Recommendation for the original product and surfacesizing starch is about 1:10or 2-4 kilo per ton of paper.

v Caution

The product, non-toxic andnon-dangerous goods, can be washed by water if leak in transportation. As theanionic product, it should avoid mixing directly with cationic products. Keepaway from sunshine and concentrated acid.

v Packing

50kg200kg1000kgplastic drum, or according to customer requirements.

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