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JN PAM-1304 Wastewater Decolorant
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JN PAM-1304 Wastewater Decolorant

JN PAM-1304 Wastewater Decolorant

v Features

JN PAM-1304 has excellentdecolorizing effect for high chrominance wastewaters like waste waters producedin textiles, dyes, pigments, papermaking and so on, and the decolorizing effectis up to about 97%. It is capable of effectively reducing the COD value of theprocessed wastewater, and the COD removal rate is about 60%.

v Specifications


Colorless to light yellow liquid

Solid content  (%)



5.0 7.0

Dynamic viscosity (mPa.s)


v Caution

Avoid contacting strongoxidant, and iron, copper and other similar materials. Seal the containertightly and avoid exposure to sunlight.

v Packing and Storage

200kg of plastic drum and 1000kgplastic drum. The shelf life is 6 months.

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