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JN GB-1230 Delustering Fillers
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JN GB-1230 Delustering Fillers

JN GB-1230 Delustering Fillers

v  Function

JN GB-1230 has splendidability to fill the surface and cover defects. It improves the tieringproperty/stackability and the high temperature plate-releasing performance inthe process of coating. It delusters the finished film, thus resulting in non-transparent films.  

v  Specifications


Milky white opaque viscous liquid



Solid content%


v  Scopeof Application

For delustering of alllayers of the coating.

v  Caution

When standing unused forlong, demixation may occur, so please shake up before use.  

Seal tightly after use.

Store in a cool, shady andventilated place. The product should be sealed tightly.

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