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JN PUD-6430 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion
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JN PUD-6430 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

JN PUD-6430 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion (High Hardness)

v Function

JN PUD-6430 high hardness paint emulsion is awater-based polyurethane dispersion with polycarbonate structure. The emulsionhas high hardness, so that the paint film is rich and pliable with fullglossiness, and also has the excellent properties of abrasion resistance,corrosive resistance and yellowing resistance. The paint film has goodperformance of aging resistance, it is difficult of efflorescence. The emulsionis applicable to high class wood furniture paint.

v Specifications


Transparent  micro-emulsion

Solid Content%


pH Value


Viscosity  (mPa.s 25)


Freeze-thaw  Stability


v Use

The productdoes not need to add film forming additive and wetting agent. It can reach toideal effect of coating by adding water-based wax. The emulsion can also beapplied by mixing with JN AA-3411, JN AA-3412.

v Packing andStorage

50kg, 125kg,1000kg plastic drum, store the product in a dry, cool and shady place at 540. The Shelf life is 6 months inoriginal package.

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