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JN PPE-1102 Paper Wet Strength Agent
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JN PPE-1102 Paper Wet Strength Agent
Code: JN PPE-1102

JN PPE-1102 Paper Wet Strength Agent

v   Function

Polyamide Polyamiane Epichlorhydrin Wet Strength Agent is up to the hygienic standards of foodindustries, and it also remarkably improves the paper quality because of its special component of fiber finishing agent. Its superiority is most obvious in producing toilet tissues by not only donating the paper with better wet strength and dry strength but also makes the paper skin-friendly. PPE Wet Strength Agent is suitable to packaging paper, cultural paper, mosaic backingpaper and so on which calls for strong wet strength. PPE Wet Strengthremarkably improves wet and dry strength of paper, helps retention and drainageand effectively reduces the linting and picking of paper.

v Specifications


Pale yellow to pink transparent solution

Solid content(﹪)



2.5 5.0

Viscositympa.s 25℃)

20 60   (mPa.s )

Shelf life530℃)

45 days

v   Use

After diluted with coldwater more than 10 times, join into a slurry tank, can also be exported into aslurry tank to the high box stage, using the online way to add a continuousdilution. General reference to the amount of toilet paper is 5~10KG/T paper, otherkinds of paper as the request.


Diluted samples cannot usehot water, must be deserted diluted with water, and cannot use the boiled waterand other interfering compounds containing anion diluted , stored in a cool andshady place (5 °C ~ 30 °C), avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v   Packing

25kg200kg 1000kg plastic drum, or according to customer requirement.

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